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When Monika Schnarre, one of Canada’s iconic Supermodels, turned 40 she began to look for a safe-natural, ecacy based anti aging option that would actually perform as advertised. That led her to renowned Canadian Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Keith Burk, MD. From that meeting Dr. Burk and his Medical Team at Avaria Health and Beauty Corp. produced one of the most highly anticipated Anti Aging Systems in recent years, and Monika wanted to get involved!

Introducing the revolutionary Monika Schnarre iampure System of Topical Anti Aging and Anti Aging Supplements. Created using proven natural anti aging ingredients at precise concentrations by one of Canada’s most exclusive and renowned cosmetic physicians, the Monika Schnarre iampure system delivers the anti aging results so often promised, yet so rarely delivered in today’s beauty space.

Visit www.iampure.ca for more information.

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